Thursday, May 2, 2013

Lisa Hoke 's Wild World of Colorful Cups and Cardboard

As a Found Object artist, I am drawn to others Assemblage artists, who like myself, use the detritus and remnants of our world and incorporate that into their art. Lisa Hoke's world is quite different from the rusty, crusty art that fills my studio. Hers is ablaze with colorful, rhythmical, installations that spread like,
waves of wildflowers across museum walls. Her assemblages are painstakingly created using thousands of everyday items tossed into the garbage. She Collects, cups, cereal, detergent, candy boxes, and makes them into mini assemblages, all choreographed by color in her studio, before assembling them on site, adding and subtracting as she works.

Like her Pop Art predecessors, she has used our present day artifacts to make a statement on the seductive use of marketing in today's world. We have been lured into believing that we can find lasting love, health, and happiness if we purchase a pretty package.
Anyone who stands before a Lisa Hoke
art installation, will be awed by the myriad items that we discard daily. Yet her arrangement of colors, shapes, and design mesmerize each viewer.

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