Friday, March 15, 2013

Jim Mullan, Found Object Sculpture and Jewelry

I was so excited to meet Jim Mullan recently at a Fine Craft Fair in Palm Beach. I have admired his work for years
and was so delighted to see his extensive collection in person. His bird sculptures are iconic and can be found in many galleries and museum shops all around the country. I now own his large bird on binoculars assemblage and am so excited to have his work as part of my found object collection.
Jim was born in Southern California, and was fascinated as a young boy taking apart old watches, vintage toys and scientific instruments. This coupled with his love of nature, especially birds and dragonflys, inspired him to start carving his old decoys into little birds and attaching found objects. This was the 1980's and he hasn't looked back. Along with his wife, Tori, he creates found object jewelry also. His work can be seen at:


  1. Wow. This stuff is AMAZING. I LOVE THE BIRDS!!!

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