Sunday, February 24, 2013


One of the highlights for me this year at ART PALM BEACH was meeting and spending time
talking to internationally acclaimed artist, Greg Haberny.  Greg is a New York City based artist, who defies convention, designing his installations as a filmmaker would design a movie set. He has a backround in film and acting. I was drawn to his work as a moth to the flame for his use of found objects in both his painting and assemblages.  His work is both playful and chaotic, irreverant, and provocative, but always, completely unpredictable.  He says he "likes to draw outside the lines" and that he does!
He is disarmingly modest and articulate as he described his process and inspiration.
He was influenced, not only by his father and his grandmother, both artists, but by many contemporary abstract artists. I saw remnants of Rauschenberg, Oldenburg, and Lichenstein, Schwitter's merzbau, but he spoke of Cy Twombly and of course, Duchamp and Martin Kippenberger, who was heralded as one of the enfant terribles in Germany.  Like Kippenberger, Greg's work has heavy political overtones, using the detritus of society to parody the government in room size installations and assemblages. His art is meant to be existential, rebellious and jar the viewer into questioning society's mores and to leave the observer a little more unsettled than before, and that I believe is a good thing!  
One of his larger canvases is called; Beautiful Disaster. He explained to me that he was commissioned by the Democratic National Convention to come for three weeks and create this piece on site.  This work is still available for $35,000, and Greg may be reached

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