Sunday, September 23, 2012

Patrick Dougherty, Twig Sculptor

Patrick Dougherty just completed one of his massive twig sculptures this summer in Springfield, Massachusetts.
In the same museum quadrangle as the Dr Seuss sculpture garden.
I have been a fan of his work since seeing his installation in 2007 in the Palm Springs Museum. He has built over 200 Sculptures in France, Italy, Hawaii, Kentucky, Arkansas, Idaho, Scotland, and soon in Australia to name a few. All of the wood is collected locally with volunteers carefully supervised.
Interns strip leaves off the saplings, while the artist sketches and maps out the floor plan. The piece done in Springfield called Room by Room, is twenty-four feet tall, and forty feet square. It has at least 150 saplings anchored into the ground. The structure is expected to last two years depending on the weathering process. It's size is imposing, yet once inside it delights the senses and becomes an enticing series of open-ended, oversized, cocoon-like rooms. To a child it represents a fairy-tale castle ready for exploration. But, who among us, of any age, wouldn't like to explore a giant house of twigs complete with turrets!

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