Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Barbara Chapman, Fiber Artist Extradordinaire

Barbara Chapman is a renowned San Diego fiber artist whose colorful, exotic fiber assemblages create a feast for the eyes using yarn, handmade beads, and freeform crochet techniques unlike any other.
 Her magical fairies and  mystical doll sculptures take on a life of their own, as Barbara says, telling you who they are and want to be. Entering into her world is as exciting as it can be, her students are eager to delve into this fairyland of wonderment that permeates the air as Barbara begins to unleash her secrets and treasures. I have been privileged to take several unforgettable classes.
Barbara's doll making began in childhood where she fashioned paper dolls using layers of found objects. Her passion lies in the costuming of her creations using the most breathtaking arrays of colors and fibers.
 Her quest continues today searching for and finding exotic, bejeweled, sequined fabrics, silks, leather, and wools to embellish her wire armatures.
She has taught at the Black Sheep fiber arts store in Encinitas, Ca for over thirty years.
She owns a boutique in her home in Solana Beach, Ca where she works in her studio along side her husband, Wayne, a potter and glass bead artist.  Barbara, like her mystical creations is a joy to see and meet.
Her energy is magical and inspirational, and like her creations, unforgettable.


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