Monday, May 28, 2012

INFINITY ART at Paradise City Fine Art Fair

This weekend at Paradise City in Northampton, Ma, Amy and I were delighted to meet Douglas Durkee, designer and artist, extraordinaire, of the amazing INFINITY LIGHT sculptures. Douglas designs in his Kentucky studio, contemporary tables, clocks, and mirrors, using hundreds of LED lights to create a fractal image.  This in turn, creates an optical illusion, a 3-D effect tricking the eye to view the interior, as infinite space.  His sculptures were the hit of the ever popular event, which ranks 3rd in the nation, of the best fine art fairs.  I purchased his STARBURST TO INFINITY mirror, which has burnished and brushed aluminum design over black matte finish.  The suspended starburst has thousands of lights that converge in the center, in gold and white. It truly is a phenomenal work of art that will illuminate my hallway.

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