Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Leo Sewell: Found Objects in the Realm of Fine Art

I was surprised and delighted last month to see the work of Found Object Assemblage Artist, Leo Sewell, among the work shown at the Palm Beach Fine Art and Antique show, where 6 & 7 figure sales abound amongst world wide dealers and collectors.
Leo Sewell is a renowned Philadelphia artist who has produced over 4000
works of art in his career over fifty years and his art is in over 50 museums worldwide. It shouldn't have astonished me, but it was a sharp contrast next to the hundreds of glitsy, shiny, jewelry pieces of Tiffany, Bulgari, Van Cleef & Arpels, and Art by
Lichtenstein, Miro, Warhol, Indiana, Motherwell, Asian artifacts, French Furniture and rare antiques. It was a delight to see his work included in such a famed collection......lowly nuts and bolts, rusty screws, broken toys, old rulers, cast-offs from junkyard heaps and other debris of daily detritus, took their place among the other royalty represented.
Prices for his tabletop sculptures were in the 5000 dollar range. His work is
represented by the Cavalier Galleries, INC.

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