Thursday, November 29, 2012


What a thrill for my article on "Spirit Quilts" to be accepted this summer for publication in Sew Somerset's winter edition, 2013.  The time passed slowly, but finally, after much anticipation, the day came, yesterday, when I saw the magazine on the racks at my local bookstore. 
It was so exciting to be included in such a stellar edition with so many of the artists that I have known for years in the mixed media art world.  We have watched each other grow and develop through the years.  Sew Somerset is just one of the many publications that Stampington & Company of Laguna Hills, CA has to offer. They have been a source of inspiration and delight of mine for years. I was also published in another favorite of mine, Art Doll Quarterly.

I hope you get a chance to pick up a copy of this issue, the graphics are phenomenal and the photography is unparalled in quality and style.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Artists Donating Art to Help Hurricane Survivors

Join me and my generous community of artists as we try and make a difference in the lives of the people of the Northeast who have been ravaged by Hurricane Sandy. There is so much work to be done.
Click on the link below and donate whatever you can.

As a way of thanking you for your donations, artists are offering their art to be raffled off.
I am donating a Spirit Quilt Fabric Journal for the giveaway.
After you donate, e-mail me at, or if you have a blog, post a comment on this site and your name will be entered into a drawing on November 30, 2012.
Here are picrures of my journal.
Thanks so much!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Helping Hurricane Sandy Survivors Through Art

I am proud to be associated with an amazing group of artists dedicated to helping others, join me and help victims all across the northeast who have been affected by this terrible devastation. My family has been personally affected in New Jersey and we are hoping for aid to relieve some of the burden and rebuild these beautiful communites.
Go to the link below and donate what you can.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Eat Cake, Play With Dolls!

Two of my favorite things to do, and I was so fortunate to do both while attended Art-is-You last week in Stamford, Ct.
One amazing class was taught by Colleen Colquhoun Athens, a gifted and very talented doll artist.
Her dolls are breathtaking in person. They are tiny, diminutive, and exquisitively adorned with pearls, crystals and jewels. I have worked to try and capture some of the spirit of Colleen's dolls by making my own Pink Princess. Thanks to both Colleen and Heather, her very talented and helpful assistant for all their guidance.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Art is You Retreat in Stamford, Ct

Just returned from another incredible week at Art is You. It was filled with amazing artists, exciting classes and fun times and laughs reconnecting with old friends and meeting new ones.
I just can't wait to practice all the incredible techniques I learned and put the finishing touches on all my class projects. So much fun, too little time!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Patrick Dougherty, Twig Sculptor

Patrick Dougherty just completed one of his massive twig sculptures this summer in Springfield, Massachusetts.
In the same museum quadrangle as the Dr Seuss sculpture garden.
I have been a fan of his work since seeing his installation in 2007 in the Palm Springs Museum. He has built over 200 Sculptures in France, Italy, Hawaii, Kentucky, Arkansas, Idaho, Scotland, and soon in Australia to name a few. All of the wood is collected locally with volunteers carefully supervised.
Interns strip leaves off the saplings, while the artist sketches and maps out the floor plan. The piece done in Springfield called Room by Room, is twenty-four feet tall, and forty feet square. It has at least 150 saplings anchored into the ground. The structure is expected to last two years depending on the weathering process. It's size is imposing, yet once inside it delights the senses and becomes an enticing series of open-ended, oversized, cocoon-like rooms. To a child it represents a fairy-tale castle ready for exploration. But, who among us, of any age, wouldn't like to explore a giant house of twigs complete with turrets!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Barbara Chapman, Fiber Artist Extradordinaire

Barbara Chapman is a renowned San Diego fiber artist whose colorful, exotic fiber assemblages create a feast for the eyes using yarn, handmade beads, and freeform crochet techniques unlike any other.
 Her magical fairies and  mystical doll sculptures take on a life of their own, as Barbara says, telling you who they are and want to be. Entering into her world is as exciting as it can be, her students are eager to delve into this fairyland of wonderment that permeates the air as Barbara begins to unleash her secrets and treasures. I have been privileged to take several unforgettable classes.
Barbara's doll making began in childhood where she fashioned paper dolls using layers of found objects. Her passion lies in the costuming of her creations using the most breathtaking arrays of colors and fibers.
 Her quest continues today searching for and finding exotic, bejeweled, sequined fabrics, silks, leather, and wools to embellish her wire armatures.
She has taught at the Black Sheep fiber arts store in Encinitas, Ca for over thirty years.
She owns a boutique in her home in Solana Beach, Ca where she works in her studio along side her husband, Wayne, a potter and glass bead artist.  Barbara, like her mystical creations is a joy to see and meet.
Her energy is magical and inspirational, and like her creations, unforgettable.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Artists and Icons

Southern California is a haven for adventurous, creative and imaginative soul seekers.
One of the most imaginative and gifted artists there, is Lynne Merchant, the goddess of Wire Work jewelry. I met Lynne in Boston, almost 20 years ago when she came to teach.
Lynne has traveled the world seeking inspiration for her inimitable designs. She continues to work and teach students in her mystical studio, replete with artifacts and treasures collected and made from her adventures. Her studio is on Cedros on the coast in Solana Beach, Ca. Stop by for a real adventure of your own!